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Reflexology, Bowen Therapy, Thai Stretch Massage, Lymphatics, Vagus Nerve, Ear Seeding, and Holistic Facials
Frozen Shoulder & Menopause: The not-so Dynamic Duo!
Are you currently in a living nightmare where a stiff and painful shoulder appeared out of nowhere and is now haunting your every move?  Where throwing a bag on your shoulder is not the carefree action it once was, undoing your bra means you hoiking it around to the front, and where putting on your […]
The importance of rest
Life can be a bloody slog - one where it’s all too easy to forget about yourself. You ignore the fatigue, the aches and pains, the bad sleep, the irritability, the stress. Rather than stop and give yourself the time out you need, you tell yourself you should be stronger, you should be managing, that […]
Looking After Your Immune System
Just one of the multitude of amazing things your body does every day to protect you is operate an internal defence mechanism against infection and disease – aka your immune system. Protecting you from bacteria, viruses, and other harmful invaders, your immune system is constantly on the lookout for threats to your health, fighting them […]
You can’t control everything
I found this quote on top of a box of teabags years ago when the kids were little.  I just remember seeing it and smiling as it was just what I needed to hear at the time (not least because my hair has never responded to any form of control). It’s now become a bit […]
Earthing: Why kicking off your shoes and walking barefoot on the earth is good for your health and wellbeing
I was reminded today was Earth Day so I thought I’d do a bit of a throw back to March last year when I posted the video below on Earthing.  Earthing, also called grounding, it’s a really simple technique some claim can help with reducing stress, improving your sense of health and wellbeing, and feeling […]
Loving Your Inner Critic: Finding Your Inner Mentor
This is Vera…or at least an approximation of her. Vera is my inner critic.  “Who” she often says with her fag hanging out of her mouth. “Who, would want a treatment with you? Who wants to be friends with you?  Everyone thinks you’re stupid.”   Believe it or not I love Vera, after all I know […]

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