The importance of rest
Life can be a bloody slog - one where it’s all too easy to forget about yourself. You ignore the fatigue, the aches and pains, the bad sleep, the irritability, the stress. Rather than stop and give yourself the time out you need, you tell yourself you should be stronger, you should be managing, that perhaps this is just the menopause and you need to push through.
But the honest truth is you shouldn’t. Stop making superwoman demands on yourself. Accept how you’re feeling might not be down to the menopause. The problem may simply be you need to take some time out to rest. Without rest it doesn’t matter how good your diet is or how much you exercise do, because your body doesn’t have the TIME it needs repair and restore.
I pushed myself on and on, only to collapse in a crumpled heap in time for my week off, which ended up with me getting tonsillitis, a tummy bug and a UTI, one after the other. I didn’t hear this message until it was almost too late, so I want to tell you now. The next time you’re exhausted, you’re catching everything going, or wondering why all the good things you’re doing to your body don’t seem to be working. Rest.
These are the things I'm doing:
  • Take an afternoon nap
  • Rest for a least 30 minutes once you get home after finishing work
  • Take your breaks - or put some in if you’re self employed!
Would any of these work for you? Let me know!
Always here, Sarah
PS: Yes, it is me dressed up as a superhero! I used to think the R stood for resilience - now I know it stands for Rest!

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