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Holistic facials are about much more than glowing skin

"Holistic facials that leave you glowing inside and out."

Holistic Facials

Holistic facials are not just about glowing skin!  Using sinus drainage, lymphatic moves and acupressure on the face, neck, scalp, upper back, and shoulders* they can also help to ease tension and congestion and reduce the physical and emotional impact of stress and anxiety on the mind and body.

Products used

All the products I use in your facial come from Neal's Yard Remedies and are listed below. The only exception is the oil I use in the general massage element of the treatment (shoulders, upper back).

If you know you are allergic to something, please check the ingredients by clicking on the links below.

*Please just let me know prior to your treatment if you don’t want me to work on a particular area

What are the benefits of a holistic facial?

Focussing on the whole of you rather than just the aesthetic appearance of your skin, during the treatment I’ll use a variety of techniques, including lymphatic drainage, massage, acupressure, and sinus drainage, that will have an impact on the whole of your body.

As each treatment is tailored to you if you have a specific focus in mind just let me know at the time of booking and I’ll adapt the treatment to your needs.

Whether you want some me time or you’re looking for support with more specific health and well-being issues you’ll leave your treatment feeling deeply relaxed, restored, and rebalanced.

What happens during a treatment?

I only use Neal’s Yard products, and although each session is tailored to you, after a consultation a typical session involves:

Double cleansing your face to remove surface dirt and toxins followed by the application a face mask.  While this is working, I’ll massage your shoulders, arms, and hands using a variety of massage, lymphatic drainage and hand reflexology techniques.

Hot towels are used to remove the face mask and then using a combination of lymphatic drainage, massage, and acupressure points I’ll work on your face and decolletage.

Finally, I gently massage the scalp and neck, working on connections to the vagus nerve, finishing off with a hot towel to remove any oil on the face before applying moisturiser and a soothing eye serum.

At the end of each session, we’ll discuss any additional support you might require, including after care guidance to help you make the most of your treatment.


  • £40 for 30-minutes
  • £65 for 60-minutes
  • £90 for 90-minutes when combined with Reflexology, Reiki or a Bowen lymphatic treatment

Session length

30- 60-minute appointments.

Holistic Facials can also be combined with other therapies to create a 90-minute appointment (see below 'Works well with...')

How many sessions will I need?

It really depends on what you want to use your holistic facial for.

If it's for a treat, then come as often as you want to. If you're seeking support for a specific issue then it may be a few back to back weekly sessions followed by some monthly maintenance sessions are what you need, or you may be content with once every 4-6 weeks.

We will discuss all of this at your first treatment and create a treatment plan that works for you.

Works well with...

Holistic Facials can be combined to create a 60- or 90- minute appointment (£65/£90) with:

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