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(And why that's so important.)

When it comes to success, we are programmed to compare ourselves to others, whether in life, love or business, often perceiving ourselves as failures if we don’t live up to those comparisons.  And social media has made the ability to compare ourselves with dangerously easy. 

How many of us have seen the adverts for ‘only two appointments remaining this week’ and wish we were as busy, eyes widening at the number of followers someone has, dreaming of a day when our post gets more than eight likes?  Perhaps you’ve gazed in envy at beautiful treatment rooms in stunning locations, watching as other therapists live their beautiful holistic lives treating all their beautiful clients?

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Workshops & courses

Sign up for one of my workshops today. If you want some one to one support, or you'd like to organise some tailored support for you and some colleagues then contact me on 07715213392 or at [email protected]

In June I'll be launching my 'Grow Your Therapy Business' course, comprised of mini 'pic n mix' sessions so you can chose the ones that resonate with you - this will include topics like setting your price, policies, procedures and paperwork, how to make your website work for you, money is not a dirty word: getting to grips with your finances, and lots of topics on social media from how to get started, to creating better content, to creating reels.

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Empowering you

For those of you who’ve read the intro to my Growing Your Therapy Business book you’ll know how I feel spectacularly let down by the business advice I was given during my training way back in 2016. Today I continue to be saddened and frustrated by the number of therapists I talk to who feel like I did, who having been sold a ‘dream’ are now questioning their skills and abilities, feeling lost and alone, seeing themselves as failures, and wondering whether to give it all up.

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This is why I’m passionate about offering business support to therapists that empowers them to be the therapist they want to be, and to grow their business the way they want to - and not the way they think they should because that’s how it's portrayed in social media or through stereotypes of what a therapist should be like.

I'm not about a 'one size fits all' solution, and I'm not about making false promises to increase your client base or number of ‘followers’ on social media overnight, I don't offer packages or request membership fees, and I’m not interested in selling to you. I’m only interested in what you need and so my policy and approach is really simple.

Four Therapists & a Chit Chat


Listen and catch up on Four Therapists & a Chit Chat where we talk about anything and everything to do with life as a holistic therapist.

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The 1st Edition of my Growing Your Therapy Business book is still available on Amazon. You don't need a Kindle to read it, just download the Kindle App for free.

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