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This month we look at the onion principle.

MARCH 2021

Onions and Holistic Health

While life might well be like a box of chocolates, your health and well-being is like the layers of an onion. As a therapist my job is to peel away those layers to get to the root cause of your current problems, whether that’s your aching back in the morning, your painful knee as you walk up the stairs, your stiff shoulder that’s stopping your from reaching round to undo your bra strap, or that aching hip that’s stoping you walking the dog as far as you’d like.

The onion principle explains why, without you even realising it, your body has been compensating subtly over the years, to the point where the pain or discomfort you feel now could be located far away from the initial problem.Let’s take the example of a knee injury you experienced in your teens:

  • Layer 1: Your thigh muscles have worked extra hard to support your knee
  • Layer 2: Your hip and pelvis have provided additional support to those thighs
  • Layer 3: Your lower back has taken on the additional strain to help those hips
  • Layer 4: Your back starts to niggle
  • Layer 5: Your back hurts every morning, waking you at 5.30am
  • Layer 6: Now its your hips too, waking you throughout the night as you toss and turn, trying to get comfy

Your knees?

Aside from the odd creek when you walk up the stairs, they’re just fine because every other part of your body is helping them! Like an onion your body has created layers of compensation where the original issue is barely visible.

This is why the first thing we do at a treatment is talk, because I want to you to wake up at a normal time, to run up your stairs, to move your arm freely in whatever direction you want to, and to get back to walk your dog. I’ve got everything crossed that I’ll be open again for Reflexology and Bowen treatments on 12th April, and if you want to book your appointment now, or you’d welcome a free and confidential chat over the weekend then call me on 07715213392.


5 Reasons it’s Safe to Book Your Holistic Treatment

Let’s not beat around the bush – is it safe to go and see a therapist while we are in the grip of a pandemic? The simple answer is yes.

With the current lock-down ending as planned at 12.01am on Wednesday 2nd December I’m going to give you 5 reasons why you should book your holistic health treatment now, including why having a treatment has been made as safe as possible, the positive impact it can have on your health and well-being, and how some hands-on therapies come with social distancing as standard.

Like every business, I have a strict Covid-19 policy in place to mitigate the risk of transmission, and for me, this includes:

A separate entrance into my home treatment roomSeparate handwashing and toilet facilities for my clientsClean, fresh linen for each clientCleaning and ventilating my treatment room between each treatmentWearing appropriate PPE in the form of a type II face mask and a visorLeaving a 30-minute gap between each appointment

But if you’re worried about going into someones home then there are plenty of therapists who work from dedicated treatment rooms on your local high street. For example, I rent a room at the Neal’s Yard Therapy Rooms in Bury St Edmunds, and their policy is as rigorous as mine, starting as soon as you walk into the shop with their amazing Hand Defence Rub. Find out more about the holistic treatments my colleagues and I offer at Neal’s Yard Remedies in Bury St Edmunds

# 2 The Importance of Touch

Touch has a huge impact on us from the day we are born to the day we die, and ongoing research continues to prove how integral it is to how we communicate, how we with bond with others, and to our health and well-being. As humans we need touch: touch is “…our primary language of compassion, and a primary means for spreading compassion” [1]. And what is the one thing that many of us have missed during this pandemic? Yup, touch – as Michelangelo once said, “To touch is to give life.”Aside from the specific support that a holistic treatment can give you, the benefits you receive from that human interaction, of social touch, can be just as important. It can help to stimulate an immune system response, it encourages the release of oxytocin (the ‘happy hormone’), and it calms and relaxes you – all factors that support good social, mental and physical health and well-being.

# 3 Social Distancing Can Come as Standard

Not every holistic treatment requires you to remove your clothing, to be close to your therapist, or even to be in the same room as them for very long, and the two main therapies that I offer, Bowen Therapy and Reflexology, are great examples of therapies where social distancing comes as standard.

ClothingIf the idea of getting undressed for your treatment causes you concern or makes you feel uncomfortable, then Bowen Therapy and Reflexology could be the perfect treatments for you. The only things you need to remove for a Reflexology treatment are your shoes and socks, and while Bowen can be performed on the skin it can be performed just as effectively through light clothing.

Time and DistanceWith the average height of a man in the UK at 1.75m and a woman at 1.62m Reflexology is perhaps one of the best examples of a socially distanced therapy there is. Sitting at your feet I will be well outside the government’s minimum social distancing guideline of 1.0m.

Bowen Therapy incorporates social distancing into each treatment because every 4-6 moves I leave the room to give your body a short break of around 2-5 minutes. Don’t worry, this is not something new I’ve made up! These breaks are fundamental to the treatment and are a chance for your body to absorb and react to the work that I have done on one area before I move on to the next.Find out more about what Bowen Therapy is and how it can support your holistic approach to health and well-being here

#4 Making Each Penny You Spend CountWhen it comes to holistic treatments, I’d argue it’s not about watching every penny you spend, but about making every penny you spend count. Holistic treatments can be an integral part of your health and well-being, whether the treatment is going help you relax and recharge, ready for whatever the next few weeks or months are going to throw at you, or if it’s for some long-overdue support for pain and discomfort that’s wearing you down. And having a holistic treatment doesn’t have to cost the earth:

You don’t have to have a full price treatment. Many therapists, including me, offer short 30-minute treatments at a reduced rate.One treatment is sometimes all you need: I know regular treatments can really make a difference when it comes to health and well-being, but not at the cost of any financial stress you may feel.

My view is ‘something is better than nothing’, so there’s nothing wrong with having one treatment as and when you feel you need it.

You set your level of commitmentIf you know you would benefit from more than one treatment, then work with your therapist to agree the number of treatments that you are happy with – there is no point feeling financially stressed! I usually suggest starting with a set of 3, where the first is the rebalancing treatment, setting the ‘healing’ process in motion, and the second and third are about reinforcing those changes. Often this is enough to bring about a positive change to even long-standing health and well-being issues.

Aftercare always comes for freeAt the end of your treatment, like all therapists, I will provide you with some aftercare advice and, if you want them, links to resources that will continue to support your health and well-being beyond the treatment room.

I’ve put together some video’s and guided meditations that you can use to start supporting your health and wellbeing now

Spend local, support local

If you’re passionate about supporting local businesses, then look no further than your local holistic therapist – you might be surprised at the number of therapists and therapies available on your doorstep. Many therapists also provide gift vouchers if you want to send the gift of health and well-being to friends and family this Christmas.

TIP: Find a professional therapist local to you by using the Federation of Holistic Therapists ‘Find a Therapist’ function. The FHT are the UK’s largest professional membership association for holistic therapist’s link to FHT

In Summary

Looking after your health and well-being has never been so important, and what better than a professional holistic treatment? It’s safe, it’s good for you, social distancing can come as standard, and you will be supporting a local business.Whether it’s for a one-off treat or because you need some specific health and well-being support, whether it’s to relax, repair or rebalance, now is the perfect time to book your holistic health and well-being treatment.

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