Bowen Therapy

Bowen works on your fascia to get to the root cause of health and wellbeing issues


Bowen therapy, sometimes also called the Bowen technique, is one of the most effective and powerful therapies I’ve ever worked with.  

It works over the fascia in your body, the soft connective tissue that surrounds and holds every element of your body in place, so muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc.  Full of sensory nerve endings it has a key role to play in pain, our responses to pain, the physical and emotional impact of stress, as well as structural integrity – so posture and balance.

The treatment itself is very gentle, so there’s no pulling, pushing, cracking, or twisting, which is great news if you’re in a lot of pain or carrying a lot of tension in your body.  And because I don’t need to use any oils or lotions it also means you can choose to wear light clothing during the treatment if you want to.

During the treatment I also include a 2-3 minute break every 4-6 moves.  This allows your body an opportunity to absorb the work I’ve done, and more importantly, to process it.  Click on the button below to find about more about why we include breaks in a Bowen treatment.

What is role of fascia in the body?

Without fascia your body would literally fall apart. But it's role in maintaining the structural integrity of the body is only the tip of the iceberg and scientists are exploring its role in:

  • Proprioception – sometimes called your ‘sixth sense’ this is basically your awareness of where your body is and how it's moving in relation to the environment around you
  • Nociception – your perception of pain and your response, for example walking gingerly when you have a bad back or breathing more quickly when you're feeling stressed
  • Stress and trauma – tightening of the fascia when you're stressed or affected by trauma (emotional or physical)

What is the aim of treatment?

The aim of Bowen is to bring about a long term, if not permanent change, to health and wellbeing, not to put a sticking plaster on something, and common problems clients seek support for include:

  • Posture
  • Hormonal and emotional balance
  • Respiratory, digestive, and reproductive problems
  • Stimulation of the circulatory, nervous, and
  • lymphatic systems
  • Muscular skeletal aches and pains
  • Support with recovery from injury
  • The physical and emotional impact of stress

How many treatments will I need?

As with any complementary and holistic therapy you’re going to need more than one treatment for support with specific health and wellbeing issues, and as a rule of thumb most of my clients need around 3-4 back-to-back treatments, each roughly a week apart.   In the case of more long-term conditions or symptoms you may need some maintenance, which can range from monthly to once or twice a year, but I have many clients I only see every 2 or 3 years, as and when they need me.

Why do you put breaks in a Bowen treatment?

One of the key elements to a Bowen treatment, and I guess what makes Bowen Bowen, are the 2-3 minute breaks I put in after every 4-6 moves I make – and not only that, I leave the room!  Let me explain why.

Cast your mind back to The Generation Game and the conveyor belt at the end where contestants were given 45 seconds to shout out as many prizes as they could remember with the distraction of an a few hundred audience members shouting things out. Now compare this to being allowed to look at 4-6 of these prizes at a time and being given a couple of minutes in silence to write down what you saw before moving on to the next set of prizes: You'd remember so much more, and you'd probably remember them in the order they came out.

The same principle applies to your body. If I do move after move after move after move, it can become overwhelmed and confused about what it’s supposed to be doing. By popping in those breaks and leaving the room I’m giving your body the chance to experience each of those moves

PLUS the time respond to themin the most appropriate order - and without any distractions from me.The upshot of this is a more effective treatment that gets to the root cause of your health and wellbeing issues and has a greater chance of bringing about a long-term, if not permanent change.

Price and Location

First appointment: £70

Your first appointment takes around 75 minutes which gives us time for a detailed consultation, assessment and a full treatment.

Subsequent appointments: £55

All subsequent appointments take an hour.

Please note: I am more than happy to offer you a 60 minute treatment for your first appointment, however this may result in a shorter treatment depending on the length of your initial consultation / assessment.

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Situated on Gainsborough Street, just across from Gainsborough's House, and with lovely cafes, shops and plenty of free parking I'm close to Clare, Long Melford, Lavenham, Bury St Edmunds, and Colchester.

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My ground floor treatment room with parking right outside and easily accessible from Bury St Edmunds, Thurston, Ixworth, Stanton, Ipswich, Stowmarket and Diss.

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“After years of pain ... and uncountable pain killers after one session with Sarah and her Bowen therapy I experienced pain free ... for the first time in 40 years; after 3 sessions I've had relief ... and I will continue with the therapy. I still can't believe the effect the Bowen therapy had ..., it's really unbelievable. Sarah is a brilliant therapist.”

Debbie, Bury St Edmunds

“Just had 2 fantastic Bowen sessions with Sarah! First one resolved my...issue immediately so second one was more a reinforcement and some “me” time! Soooo well looked after and everything explained amazing treatment I would highly highly recommend.”

Tracey, Bury St Edmunds

“I visited Sarah for two Bowen treatments for ... pain. The results were brilliant. She sorted out what many physio sessions and home physio exercises had not managed to improve. I certainly wasn't expecting it to be cleared in just two sessions! Thank you so much Sarah”

Dawn, Bury St Edmunds

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