Coping with Stress: Hand Reflexology Technique

There’s no getting around the fact many more of us are feeling more stressed than before, and it’s not just because of C19; the kids are off school (again!), it’s raining, finances are tight, the job’s getting on top of you – or could be that life is just pants at the moment. 

When you are stressed you can go through the whole gamut of emotions, one minute you’re living off adrenaline flying high, the next your teary or angry, the next you are just totally and utterly exhausted.

You might find this little hand reflexology routine can help – it only takes about 10-15 minutes, and all the instructions along with a video, downloadable sheet are in this post. It’s suitable for all ages, and it could even be something fun to teach your kids over the holidays…..just imagine, 15 minutes of quiet time while they work on their hands! Oh! Happy Days!

Click here for the video



The hypothalamus sits in the brain and has an important role in the body, including regulating the release of hormones. Using a firm pressure rub in small circles at the lateral edge of your thumb, adjacent to the nail for about 1 minute. Repeat on the other hand.


The spine protects the spinal cord and back pain often goes hand in hand with stress. Using a caterpillar motion walk up and down the length of the spine – from the first joint in the thumb all the way to your wrist and back. Repeat 3 times using a medium to light pressure. Repeat on the other hand.


When we’re stressed we are often not getting enough air into our lungs and we shallow breath – we want to slow this breathing down and make it deeper. Cross hatch the lung area 3 times using a caterpillar walking motion, or by rubbing in large circles for 1-2 minutes. Repeat on the other hand.


Adrenal glands are responsible for secreting hormones like adrenaline when we are stressed, and the kidneys are involved in filtering and removing toxins from our body – we don’t want that adrenaline hanging around! Walk up and around the fatty pad of your thumb using a caterpillar motion. Roughly in line with the index finger you may find a tender spot – work into this in small circles using whatever pressure you want to…don’t be surprised if this area feels tender and bruised!  Repeat 3 times and the repeat the sequence on the other hand.

Hand Reflexology Chart for hay fever, palmer side. Hand Reflexology chart for seasonal allergies like hay fever (dorsal aspect)

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